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AVISTA’s core strength when were at our infancy, the ICT industry has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the year. As new technologies were discovered, AVISTA kept pace. From a single type of service, AVISTA now provides one of the most comprehensive and complete suites of telecommunications and network solutions of any provider group in the market today.


a. Telecommunications – PSTN

From our humble beginnings as a prepaid calling card and IDD call shop provider, AVISTA made the jump to corporate postpaid services and never looked back. AVISTA was the first to change the game completely when it moved from the traditional model of pay-per-use charging to “all-you-can-eat” buffet styled unlimited call plans. Now the call package of choice; businesses all over have made the switch to our fixed call contract plans. With over 5,000 customers on our networks – now with the peace of mind of never having to worry about their telephony expenses – this telecommunications model has set the standard for enterprise telephony, and is duplicated by numerous other providers today. AVISTA - changing the rules of telecommunications.


b. Telecommunications – VoIP

Never one to rest on our laurels, AVISTA made the first step into the tricky realm of enterprise VoIP telecommunications. Along with creating an entirely separate and dedicated business unit to handle the VoIP business, advances in fibre internet connections greatly aided AVISTA in providing solid, stable VoIP services to the thousands of customers on our networks. Through our SIP trunking services, AVISTA has managed to bring even greater connectivity – and most importantly, more cost effective communications – to our customers. The advent of VoIP enabled AVISTA to connect our customers in ways never seen before during the days of analog telecommunications.


c. Data Services

AVISTA truly believes in being the ultimate telecommunications one-stop-shop. We could have been another voice service provider. But that would not have been the AVISTA way. Rolling out our own fibred internet services brings with it the flexibility and the convenience that customers demand and deserve today. From direct point-to-point data access from NOC to customer end-point, to last mile termination points without any physical cable coverage connectivity through microwave based wireless leased lines; no customer would ever be left in the “grey area” of non-coverage. Coupled with our suite of managed services, customers finally have solid, alternative choices in selecting an ISP. AVISTA – giving the customer a choice they can confidently make.


d. Cloud Services

The term “cloud” was the buzz word of 2012-2013. The technological world was divided over it. Some said it was the “next big thing” of the ICT world. Some said that it was “just hype and an overused term”. We at AVISTA are firmly with the former. Cloud will, and is changing how people work and communicate and how businesses operate.


i. Cloud Telephony

Communications made easy. Fully fledged, hosted telephone systems that can accommodate anything from as little as 5 users, up to huge deployments of up to 500 users. A telephone system that does not have a physical presence, yet makes its presence felt with the features and flexibility of larger (and markedly more costly) on-premise systems. A system that has been deployed in numerous customers of various sizes and with proven cost effectiveness (with some Cloud Telephony deployments being almost 60% lower as compared to a traditional on-premise system)


ii. Cloud Storage

Following in the footsteps of Dropbox and Google Drive, cloud storage through AVISTA will change the way you manage your data. Secure and easily accessed whenever you want and wherever you are.


e. Research & Development

AVISTA firmly believes in staying ahead of the curve. From our biggest jump from analog voice services to VoIP years ago, we continuously strive to pioneer newer, better technologies to grow the business and create better opportunities for both the group and our customers.


From WiFi enabled telephone systems (say “goodbye” to messy, unsightly cables snaking their way all over your desk), to website URLs that function as toll-free access numbers, our research team is always the first to explore new – and sometimes wondrous but untested – technologies in order to bring the best of tomorrow’s technology to customers today.

AVISTA is an international diversified group with major interests in property, telecommunication, technology and professional service.

The group has substancial investment in more than 70 companies across Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

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